Terms of Services

General Overview

Ablaze Internet's primary goal is to provide wireless LTE internet solutions to clients in the United States.
Our services are provided as solely services.
Any failures or issues in regards to the network will be dealt with by ATT or Verizon.
We offer a 3 Day Warranty on all devices after the devices is recieved as a good faith warranty.

Ablaze Interent can not guarantee definite signal strength or speed estimates to customers without testing them in person by an authorized representative.
If a customer purchases a remote activation service with us and the service does not work in their area due to poor signal strength Ablaze internet accepts no responsibility.

Service Abuse

Ablaze Internet considers abuse as any internet connection used for illegal activities or any activity against ATT / Verizon terms of services.
Our "Unlimited" Services are intended for home usage.
Our Verizon Unlimited and ATT 4G Unlimited services may be restricted to 1TB if heavy usage or abuse is suspected.
Our Service is based in the United States and falls under all US Laws. Any Violation of the law may be considered abuse.
Clients Found in violation of abuse per our policy may be suspended until the next service renewal or terminated without any refund, regardless of time paid on service.


Ablaze Internet Services are intended for home usage, within reason.
Our ATT Unlimited 4G Plan is limited to 1TB of usage per month. If this limit is broken your account may be flagged for abuse and possibly terminated for the rest of the active billing month.
This policy will be validated and enforced weekly in the amount of 250GB per week.<

Refund Policy

Beyond 7 Days of account opening, NO refunds are offered.
While Ablaze Internet offers a 7 day return policy for new orders, a Restocking fee (typically $50) will apply.
Only in instances where an account is prepaid multiple months in advanced, will a refund for complete months unused be offered.
We do not offer pro-rated refunds.

Past Due Invoices & Collections

Ablaze Internet is a Pre-Pay provider. Service is not rendered until it is paid for. If you do not pay a due invoice it will simply be cancelled. Once an account is terminated all billing will be cancelled as well.
Only in certain situations of fraud, charge back, or unpaid equipment will Ablaze Internet pursue a Collection Agency and or other legal means for collection up to without limitation of filing suit in small claims court.
Ablaze Internet's primary collection agency is Blue Bonnet Collections - Although this could change on a per case basis.
Any contact from Blue Bonnet Collections or any collection agency working on behalf of Ablaze Internet is legally permitted in accordance with this term of services. You agree to these terms by simply making a purchase with us.

Disputes & Chargebacks

In the instance of a dispute, Ablaze Internet reserves the right to charge the you the balance of the service plus an additional $25 fee.
We reserve the right to visit our terms under Past Due Invoices and Collections to pursue legal recourse if you fail to comply with us in our resolution attempts.